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10 Words Used In The Hair World That Mean Something Differen

Hair2design Online: / 2014-01-06






10 Words Used In The Hair World That Mean Something Different In Real Life






In the hair world, there are so many different phrases for everything! One could even say it’s a whole different language. If you’ve ever been confused as to what a particular hair phrase meant, then check out the following definitions:


1. Laid

“My hair is laid.” This means that my hair is done to perfection. If someone says their edges are laid, then that means that they are very flat and sleek.


2. Kitchen

This term actually made me chuckle the first time I heard it. But, in the hair world it means the back of your hair closest to your neck, that is nappy and un-tameable.


3. Pineapple

Pineapple is a method that curly girls do to protect and preserve their style before bed. It is essentially just a very high ponytail at the top of your head to protect your curls while you sleep.


4. Wrap

In the hair world, wrapping your hair is what a lot of girls with relaxers do to preserve their straight hair. It is when you comb (wrap) your hair all the away around your head, and then tie a scarf over it to keep it in place.


5. Press

This term refers to getting your hair straightened. Usually, a hot comb is used to achieve this style.


6. Bundle

Bundle is what hair wefts come in when you order hair for a sew in or to make a wig. For example, “to achieve a full sew in, 3-5 bundles of hair are suggested.”


7. Relaxed

Getting your hair relaxed is the process of using a cream to chemically straighten your curl pattern. The active ingredient is usually a strong alkali.


8. Track

Tracks are essentially hair extensions. When one long piece of weft is applied to your hair (sew in), the hair is sewn onto tracks, and the tracks are sewn onto your braids.


9. Edges

The hair along the perimeter of your head is known as your edges. Sometimes, if you have tight braids or any friction pulling at your perimeter, it can cause your edges to fall out, and become non existence. We should all try to save the edges!


10. Slip

Slip simply means that the conditioner or other product used when washing or detangling hair, that makes the hair much easier to detangle and slide your fingers through. It can also refer to slippage, which can refer to the slippage of tangles or knots easily from the hair.


What other words can you think of that mean one thing and a whole other thing in the hair world?