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A Super DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipe

Hair2design Online: / 2014-01-06





A Super DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipe That Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart-Told By Petra



Whenever I find a recipe dedicated to hair growth I get just a tad bit intrigued. If you are into mixing oils then this recipe is just right for you.


I have followed Curly Proverbz for about a year now and she is known for her super long thick hair. Along with great hair practices, she shared a video with her hair growth oil recipe.


Whenever the words growth and oil end up in the same sentence there are a few oils that have to be a part of the mix for me to be sold on it. For example you want to include oils that encourage increased circulation to the scalp as well as follicular strength so that your hair is retained. Examples include coconut oil, tea tree oil, or peppermint oil.



For this recipe you will need the following:


1-1.5 cups of Coconut oil

1-1.5 cups of Extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp – 2 tsp msm

1/2 tsp Vitamin C

Table spoon henna

1/2 cup fenugreek seeds

5 tablespoons of castor oil

5-10 Drops of Tea tree




Carefully add all of your ingredients to a glass jar and mix well. When you want to use your oil just add what you need to an applicator bottle. Curly Proverbz makes it very clear that you should not use your mix beyond four weeks.


Because this recipe calls for a few ingredients that can cause allergies I want to emphasize that you should test everything especially if you are not familiar with some of the ingredients.